… «When the spring starts and the weather
becomes warm my garden season begins.
I show You some impressions of my nude garden-work.
I never need any clothes in my garden,
so the sun can reach every place on my skin.
But I am still looking for a gardener who wants to help me.
He must also like the nude garden work
and he must have a real stick to play
with me during my breaks
» …


…»Hi, my name is Chris, everybody calls me “NudeChrissy”…

…»I am a 40 years old curvy woman.
I live my special lifestyle.
Most time I need no clothes.
When I am in my house, doing my housework
or when I am in my garden,
I am always completly nude.
I spend my holidays in nudist-resorts,
where I can spend my time
without any clothes 24 hours a day.

When I leave my house I never wear panties or bras.
I love the fresh wind at my pussy under my short skirt.
When I am in the supermarket or at the petrol-station,
I enjoy the feeling if men can see my pussy when I bend.
My big boobs need the sun so I put them out whenever its possible.
I am always clean shaven for a smooth ride and have a pieced clitoris.

I work as a secretary-girl in a little office.
My boss asks me to wear short skirts
and transparent shirts during my work.
He enjoys it watching me when I am sitting
in my chair and searching my pussy under the skirt.

Since one year I also do hardcore videos.
I must say that I like it very much to do it
with more than only one man.
I’m in my element riding cocks.
I always create short stories for my hardcore-videos.
I love to dress sexy when I go to the disco or the restaurant.
I love men who knows what they want.
I also love older men for sex.
The have much more experiences
and they know what a girl wants.

I like to get emails especially from my members,
who I love to “look after”.
And will always reply personally,
I would love to hear all your suggestions
for sexy shoots and videos I could do for You.