…»Great Balls of Fire! In part three of
The SCORE Group DVD feature film Montego Babes,
Gya Roberts, Terri Jane and Micky Bells start off
the proceedings by talking about bikinis.
Gya is wearing a yellow string bikini,
Terri Jane a pink one and Micky a red one.
One look at their luscious bods in bikinis
and you will be blown away.
At poolside, these adorable delights discuss their trials
and tribulations in pursuit of the perfect bikinis.
The three cleavage champions agree that it’s not easy
to find a swimsuit that fits
and looks hot on their thunder bods.
They agree on several common points.
They like flashy colors like pink.
They like the skimpiest bikinis.
They have a difficult time shopping.
And nipple erection in public generates
a lot of attention on beaches»…


…»Micky is a Romanian adult model.
She has 34H natural tits and notable for their rapid growth.
They first started growing when she was 14 or 15,
and they grew very quickly.
In one year, she went from being
completely flat to having an E-cup,
quickly becoming the girl with the largest boobs at school.
The self conscious Micky would try to wear tight bras that pushed
her breasts down so they wouldn’t look so big
and would wear very big sweaters.
By the end of high school, Micky could no longer hide
her growing boobs and made the decision to model nude.
Sporting pendulous G cups with her 2006 debut,
her breasts quickly grew to an H cup by 2007-2008,
then to a HH cup by 2009,
then to at least a J cup by late 2010.
She claimed that her new 34J bra was too small
for her ever-expanding tits.
It should be noted however the new bra
had a smaller band size which provided a fit
similar to that of her old 36HH bra
which she had apparently outgrown.
In March 2011 Micky said
she had grown to an KK cup.

In January 2014 she gave an interview
to BoobsRealm.com where she stated that
she had lost weight and now her boobs were 36J.
She has since lost more weight and in the September 2014
issue of Score she stated her boobs were now
and that she now weighed 128lbs.
In January 2016 she returned to Score
with much larger breasts due to pregnancy.
Although no formal measurements
have been taken as of yet,
the site has accepted that
her boobs are about an M cup»…




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