…»Jewels was born on October 13,
1971 in San Diego, California.
Jade beginnings in the porn industry were in 2001,
when she was thirty years old.
Being slightly older than most debutants in the industry,
she instantly became one of the favorite MILF actresses.
She keeps her body in shape with constant training and
she herself admits that she is even better than
her much younger co-stars.
Jade performed in many different genres such as threesome,
boy on girl, deep throat, solo,
masturbation and so on.
In February 2011 she was
an American porn star and Penthouse Pet of the Month.
Jewels is an outgoing and friendly person who loves
to take care of her family and pets.
She works out frequently, does her job and enjoys life.
She has her own website where fans can get an exclusive insight
in her life and work in the adult entertainment industry.
Jewels has two tattoos on her right shoulder symbolizing herself
and her husband, tribal tattoos across her lower back,
one below the buttocks and on the side
of her ribs and top of arms.
She has her navel and both her nipples pierced.»…

Foto: USA

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