…»What do you get when you cross a happy-go-lucky teenager,
a tiny waist, a pretty face and humongous 36HH tits?
You get teen tit dream Christy Marks, of course,
a Pennsylvania teen whose tits are so big
that they are almost unbelievable.
Just imagine all that boobflesh on a tiny 5’2 frame.
Yeah, it’s pretty impressive.
More impressive are Christy’s flat belly and tiny waist.
At only 110 lbs, most of Christy’s weight is in her massive mams.
We thank our lucky stars that one of our ever-vigilant
boob men saw Christy and told her that she had to come pose for us.
The rest is gigantic knockered history, or titstory,
as we like to call it. Christy came in to our studio,
fresh-faced and full-figured and a star was born.
But not one of those self-centered,
vain stars that love the limelight.
Oh, no. A sweet and modest star that was
thankful for her chance to shine.

«I’m not conceited,» Christy wants everyone to know.
«I know I look good and I know I have a nice body
and I know my pictures turn out great, but I’m not like,
‘Oh, I’m so much better than you.
‘ I’m glad that people like the way
I look and think I have a nice body.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here meeting all these people
and going to all these nice places and having fun.
But it’s not like I’m going around thinking
I’m better than anyone else.»

Her tits and her girl-next-door personality drew
thousands of SCORE men in and they voted for Christy
as Newcomer of the year in June 2008.
Fans followed her career from her first appearance
in SCORE mag to her first solo video
and then they wanted more.
And Christy gave them more.
She gave them a tits and tugs video that showcased
her two best assets: her rack
and her voracious sexual appetite.
But her fans still wanted more.
So Christy gave them her first hardcore scene.
The kind of hardcore that makes your nuts shoot
out geysers of baby batter. But it still wasn’t enough.
And one day she told us that she needed to have
her own site to give her followers full access to the life
and times of Christy Marks.
We asked her what she meant
by full access and she replied,
«I want to show them everything.
I want them to see how I live, what I do,
what I’m about and, of course,
lets show them my tits and lots of fucking.
» We asked her how much fucking and she said,
«As much as we can get!»..»…