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EroticCamAwards (EroAward) – the LiveCam, Porn & Erotic Awards promote the best models, webmasters & models promoters, cam studios & porn producers, adult industry representatives and companies. The Awards Gala will be organised on 4 June 2017 at Hotel Hawai, in Spain (Lloret de mar), during the (2-4 June 2017) – the Cam & Porn Summit, the most friendly, innovative and international Adult Industry event.

Why EroAward 2017 will be MUCH BETTER than EroticCamAwards 2016?

– Yes, WE DID IT!
With all the difficulties and the huge costs for a first event, we managed to keep ALL our promises and deliver a great awards show with a great promotion for all the models, webmasters, industry representatives and companies who supported and believed in us! EroticCamAwards 2016 was a HUGE SUCCESS with an enormous positive feedback. And all was even greater if we compare it with other Adult or Cam awards and the huge resources and mega sponsors that they had. But we’ve broken the ice, we’ve proved that we can, made a name for ourselves in the adult awards industry, we got a great feedback, made a lot of new friends, supporters and business partners, we’ve learned from our mistakes and the feedback received, so now for the 2017 we prepare the Big Hit!!! Get ready!!!

– EroAward: for 2017 we include Porn & Erotic.
EroticCamAwards 2016 was focused only on LiveCams, but in 2017 it grows bigger, better, more diversified and complex by becoming, to include also the Porn and Erotic (non-adult) industries. Porn and LiveCams were always “sisters” and the rise of Sexy-Erotic social media stars who are not involved in Porn nor Cam, made us to include also the Erotic models.

– Bigger and optimised List of categories. Improved Rules.
In 2016 we had 46 categories. For 2017 we grew to 62, the largest categories list and the most complete from all the Adult or Cam Awards events! The Categories List optimisation means that we eliminated those categories where we’ve seen low interest from the industry and maximised the ones were we detected happiness and support from fans, models, webmasters & companies. EroAward goal is to promote and make the best so that the votes, pre-nominations, final nominations and awards to reach to the models, webmasters, industry representatives and companies who also show us interest & support for our event. We want to win together!

– More #Power2TheModels! We make MegaStars!
Our main support for EroticCamAwards 2016 came from the MODELS, who completely understood that the most important key for growing nowadays is PROMOTION! You helped us? We remembered, so in 2017, we come with more categories for models as well as bigger and more diversified promotion for them! While all the other awards they are mainly focused on companies, we are the only award & summit who put models first! – Where #ModelsDoBusiness!
Our slogan for EroAward 2017 is very clear: more fame & more money for the models from Porn, LiveCams or Social media stars. And we consider ourselves the best in offering the greatest advertising for models, as the main founders of EroAward are the CamMillionaires, a marketing company specialised in promoting, branding, viral marketing and income diversification solutions for models and studios.

– More space for LGBT: &
By we mean the Boys categories from EroAward, either gays or straight, and by we include the Transgender categories. In 2017, GayEroAward & TransEroAward will be organised in the same time with EroAward, but with 2018 we intent to separate the 3 events so we can better focus on each group, keeping the open access for anybody to any of the 3 awards shows.

– FREE ENTRY for EroAward & CamSum 2017!
While for CamSum and EroticCamAwards 2016 the entry was paid, for 2017 we offer FREE ENTRY for all the LiveCam, Porn & Erotic professionals at the CamSum and EroAward. Registration is obligatory!

The voting schedule:

1. Pre-nominations (15 September 2016 –  20 April 2017)
Everybody who registers with Name + Email, can nominate a model, webmaster, industry representative or company.

2. Final nominees (21 April 2017 – 3 June 2017)
The top 3-20 most voted are listed in random order.

3. Gala awards (4 June 2017, Spain/Lloret de mar)
The winners are released. - We make Mega Stars!

Categories for EroAward 2017:

1. Best CamSum Model
2. Best #Donate2Wiki Model
3. Best Camgirl
4. Best CamBoy
5. Best CamTrans
6. Best Cam Couple
7. Best Porn Female
8. Best Porn Male
9. Best Porn Trans
10. Best Porn Couple
11.Best Latin CamGirl
12.Best Latin CamTrans
13.Best Boobs Model
14.Hottest Ass Model
15.Best Pussy
16.Best Dick Model
17.Best Fetish Model
18.Best Tattoo Model
19.Best Mistress/Master
20.Best FootFetish CamModel
21.Best Squirt Model
22.Best Oral Show on Cam
23.Best Anal Show on Cam
24.Best BBW
25.Best MILF
26.Sexiest Model
27.Top Glamour Model
28.Funniest Model
29.Best Non-adult Model
30.Best Solo Site
31.Social Media Star
32.Best Models Promoter
33.Best Adult Viral
34.Best Cam Site
35.Most Innovative Cam Site
36.Best Boys Cam Site
36.Best Trans Cam Site
38.Best Porn Site
39.Best Porn Scene
40.Best Cam Affiliate Program
41.Best Cam WhiteLabel Program
42.Best Porn Affiliate Program
43.Best Alternative Revenues for CamModels
44.Adult Industry Representative
45.Best business man/woman
46.Best Cam Studio
47.Most Innovative Cam Studio
48.Best LGBT Cam Studio
49.Best Porn Producer/Director
50.Best Porn Movie
51.Best New Adult Project
52.Best Adult News / Community site
53.Best SexToy
54.Hall of Fame
55. Best Latin CamBoy
56. Best Gym Body
57. Best Emerging Cam Site
58. Best Payment Company
59. Best Billing Company
60. Best Traffic Solution
61. Best CMS Platform
62. Best FinDom Model
63. Best Industry Event
The EroAward 2017 categories are sponsored by
SpunkLube aka STR8cam

See the List of Final Nominees for 2016!
The 2016 Winners List. Congratulations to all who participated, voted, supported us, were nominees or winners!

Many thanks to our
PLATINUM sponsors:JahlOnline Webcam Studio - Colombia

2017 EroAward Hosts:

Luca / CamMillionaires
Models promoter
Top Webcam Model
Many  thanks to our
SILVER sponsors:MC WorkRoom Studio (LGBT models) - Colombia

…We make MegaStars from Cam, Porn & Social Media stars!!!

Where #ModelsDoBusiness! #Power2TheModels
“Where #ModelsDoBusiness” means that although we focus on the models from LiveCam, Porn & Erotica, any Adult Industry professionals/companies are very welcome and necessary for a great event! Also means we encourage models to think and act as business people as the most important way to grow their brand and earnings. If in the past the main investments meant better recording cameras, better computer & internet conexion, beauty treatments & body improvements, clothes and photo sessions, today, there is a new trend where the investments in promotion services (including those as going to events) are growing and we believe that soon these part will be the biggest one in the money spent by any model searching for huge success. With #Power2TheModels, we want to go beyond just giving powerful advices to models by offering them also many services that will make them more powerful: lots of social media promo for the models who participate at CamSum or EroticCamAwards voting or gala, many televisions and magazines who will attend our events and will offer B2C exposure for the models (interviews, magazine covers, photo shooting, etc), but also we are the first event that gives sponsorship oportunities for the models (bring your own fliers, your banners at CamSum & EroticCamAwards, put a bag insert, offer some free tshirts with your picture/brand, small gifts with your name as lighters, pencils, join other 2-3 models and offer together some free drinks at a party – your names & pictures on all the screens!!!), packages for promo in the Adult Industry B2B magazines & forums, etc. Make your brand seen and bigger on both B2C and B2B environment, and don’t be afraid to invest in your business, because NO COMPANY grows with little or zero investments in advertising or chasing “free entry/drinks/lunch”.

BlackXxBarbie - "Sexiest model" winner @ EroticCamAwards 2016 We make MegaStars!

The tube sites, video streaming ones and the social media are eating every day from the all mighty Hollywood pie…daily, we have lots of (small) new film producers and film distributers, new actors and actrices, smaller than the classical “dreams factories”, but some with the same or even higher ambitious…At CamSum & EroAward, we strongly believe not only that very soon some LiveCam, Porn or Erotica models will have the same fame and earnings as the nowadays Hollywood stars, but in the same time, they will have “the full package”, including the glamourous parties, awards ceremonies and very complex promo services. And, the main founder of CamSum & EroAward, aims also to help models to reach the revenues that the Hollywood stars have today, through a diversified offer of services (branding, promotion, viral advertising, income diversification).

#Donate2Wiki – Culture is SEXY!
An important element of our EroticCamAwards galas will always be the charitable one: it’s our call for the adult industry to SHARE from its (financial & fame) success, and is our message to the world, that we CARE! Continuing to sponsor Wikipedia also at our second edition is our way of being grateful for the free access at knowledges on the internet, that helped the success of adult industry, and also an investment in the future of this free access and adult industry success! “Culture is Sexy!” is our belief that culture is one of the most important weapons of Seduction for the models & adult industry professionals searching for more success, and is also our message to the world, that culture makes you attractive, especially in these days when we need healthier “standards for beauty”! And last, but not least: We do hope to become viral with an adult industry event sponsoring a cultural cause! In fact, when we say #CamIsArt or #PornIsArt, we do believe that these are cultural manifestations, even more: a Cultural Revolution! 😉